Raise awareness – HW

Raise awareness with your Colleagues

Talk to your colleagues

Many healthcare workers don't know about the policy - make sure they do! You can talk to them informally, leave flyers in the staff room, or even organise a meeting. The introduction of ID checks and upfront charging will have a huge impact on the way we work - read some of the key arguments.

Talk about the policy at a meeting

There are lots of opportunities to do this, whether at a grand round, in training or even at handover. You could also present a case specific to your department at audit, clinical governance or morbidity and mortality meetings to discuss actual or potential harm relating to these regulations. Use our resources and power-point presentations.

Raising concerns with management:

Do this once you've found a group of people that are opposed to the policy. These concerns should touch on the impact you are seeing on your patients (anonymised evidence is useful here), the impact on your practice, and your broader concerns about how the duty to identify eligibility impacts on your duty of care and encourages discrimination. You could speak to your consultant, take concerns to senior management, or talk to senior nurses.

Leave flyers and posters everywhere

In offices, staff rooms, patient waiting areas, or anywhere that people will see them! You can find printable versions on our resources page.